We have applied a lot of effort, thought and input from athletes and other authorities, in the quest to implement a general classification system that will keep as many athletes in overall contention.

In conclusion, we feel that the below system will reward the athletes who are consistent in all of their competition events.

All individual events will be timed – these will give the daily positions.  Points will be awarded to competitors based on a high point scoring system, which will work as follows:

1st place get maximum points, last place earns 1 point.
For example, if there are 80 Big5 competitors in total, the winner will receive 80 points, 2nd person will receive 79 points, 3rd person will receive 78 points, and so on, with 80th place collecting 1 point.

Non-finishers will be allocated with 0 points and will not be considered a Big5 official finisher. However, you may still participate in the rest of the events unofficially and enjoy the Big 5 athlete benefits.

Big5 Lite:
The Mountainbike, Trail run, XTERRA and the Half Marathon will be allocated points as per the Big5.

Sunday events that have multiple options (paddle/ Lagoon mile swim/ road cycle) will be scored individually.  Points will be allocated based on the Big5 Lite winners’ time and pro-rata points will be allocated based on the total number of Big5 Lite competitors competing in the selected event.

For example, if there are 10 Big5 Lite competitors in a selected event (paddle), the 80 points will be divided by 10. 1st place will receive 80 points, 2nd place will receive 72 points, and 3rd place will receive 64 points, with 10th position gaining 8 points.

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