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The field will be limited with  entries

Entrants to the Maserati BIG5Jnr will enjoy a one-stop registration process for all five events as well as prize givings after each stage and an overall awards ceremony. By entering you only need to complete one online entry, this will give you entry into all five events and you therefore DO NOT NEED TO ENTER ANY OF THE EVENTS INDIVIDUALLY.

An exciting development in the Maserati BIG5Jnr competition this year sees the introduction of a choice day on the first weekend.

By popular demand, Maserati BIG5Jnrs in both age categories (12-15 and 16-19 years) will have the option of competing in a 400m open water swim, please note that wetsuits will be compulsory for this particular event.

And to open up the field to aspiring duathletes we have included the Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour 50km Road Race as the third option for the Sunday.

The Maserati BIG5Jnr champion will be determined by means of a points system, similar to that of the Maserati BIG5Lite where your position within your race determines the points you earn. A formular for the choice event on the Sunday ensures that all athletes compete for points on a level playing field.

  • Entry Fee 12-15 years R 1280
  • Entry Fee 16-19 years R 1700

Your Maserati BIG5Jnr entry fee includes the following benefits:

  • Maserati BIG5 Challenge Dry Bag
  • Maserati BIG5 Race Pack
  • One stop registration process for all five events
  • Access to the Maserati Hospitality Zone at the PnP Knysna Oyster Festival Grounds
  • VIP access for one of your parents (1 adult)
  • Complimentary bike wash & lube after the MTB races
  • Preferred start groups at select events
  • Maserati BIG5 Athlete acknowledgements on start line of select events
  • Secure bike park at the Maserati BIG5 Hospitality Zone
  • Race/dry bag drop-off at the Maserati BIG 5 Hospitality Zone before each event
  • Gala Prize-Giving Function
  • Maserati BIG5Jnr Finishers Medal to all athletes that complete all 5 events successfully
  • Priority access to athlete services such as travel, accommodation, massages etc.
  • Note:
    • The Maserati BIG5Jnr is a competitive event
    • All proceeds of your entry fee will go to the Knysna Education Trust.

Your age as at 31st December 2017 will determine which age category you should participate in.

DATE                             EVENT                                               DISTANCE

Saturday 8 July Momentum Cycle Tour 12-15 Years: 15km MTB Race
16-19 Years: 30km MTB Race
Sunday 9 July Choose one of the following events:

Dare to Dash Obstacle Course

Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour

Knysna Lagoon 400m Swim




1 Lap race against the clock

50km Road Race


400m Open Water Swim (Wetsuits compulsory)


Tuesday 11 July 12-15 Years: Street Mile
16-19 Years: Bayport Phoenix Edition Trail Run
12-15 Years: 1.6 km Street Mile
16-19 Years: Seahorse – 11km
Thursday 13 July Momentum Health MTB X 12-15: 1 x 8km laps 8km
16-19: 2 x 8km laps 16km
Saturday 15 July Knysna Secondary School Fun Run 5km

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Maserati BIG5Jnr supports the Knysna Education Trust


All proceeds of your Maserati BIG5Jnr Entry will go to the Knysna Education Trust.

A quality preschool education is a primary contributing factor ensuring the growth of a successful and productive nation.

The Knysna Education Trust (KET) provides 43 affiliated preschools, within the greater Knysna and Sedgefield communities, with the necessary programmes, skills development, on site coaching and mentoring to capacitate educators to deliver a quality preschool education in a safe, stimulating environment.

KET is the only organisation in the area focusing exclusively on Early Childhood Education.

The Programmes implemented ensure that the almost 2000 children in these preschools have a hot meal, and are cared for in a safe environment learning the necessary lessons needed enabling them to succeed in formal schooling and develop a life ling love of learning.

For more information on the Knysna Education Trust, contact Nicola:;;

(044) 3824638; 0834124598.