Whilst the BIG5 is scored based on the athlete’s accumulative time from each event, the BIG5Lite is slightly more complex due to the inclusion of a choice event, the BIG5Lite is therefore scored on a points system explained below.

The total number of points up for grabs at each of the sub-events is equal to the number of BIG5Lite athletes. So, if there are 75 BIG5Lite athletes, there are 75 points on offer for the winning athlete in each event.

The four compulsory events are straightforward, the winning athlete receives 75 points with 2nd getting 74, 3rd getting 73 etc.

For the choice event, there is a slightly complex formula that needs to be taken into account.

A = Points for specific event = same model as compulsory events
B = Number of people doing the sub event
C = Total number of BIG5Lite athletes

Points awarded = A ÷ B X C

Example below based on 40 swimmers, 20 cyclist, and 15 paddlers.