Have you ever heard of these sports events in the world?

At every point in time, a group(s) of people shall be involved in a certain sporting activity. However, within the many sporting activities, some stand out demanding the whole world’s attention. You must have witnessed, participated or maybe a herd of such sporting activities such as the Olympics and the world cup. To give you a deeper understanding of these activities, we came up with a list of the most amazing world sports events. Some of them might be completely new to you!

The Olympics

Within every four years, one winter and summer period gets a fresh blow of life from the Olympic games. Starting in Olympia Greece from the 8th century BC to 4th century AD the games spread fast throughout the world. After Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894, the first modern games were held in Athens in 1896.

The winter games feature games that require snow and ice. There have been included Paralympic games for the disabled and the youth Olympic games from 14-18 years old athletes. These games make the first among this list due to its level of inclusivity with over 200 nations participating.

The Olympics are responsible for the fame and decoration of athletes such as Michael Phelps the record-setting swimmer and the famous Usain Bolt who’s been allergic to silver and bronze medals. The host country of Olympic games changes in each session. People from every corner of the world travel to the host country to witness these crucial games.

The FIFA World Cup

Ever heard of the world cup? Well, this prestigious cup is meant to color the world’s best national football team. Each country all over the world competes for this cup every four years. The qualifying 32 countries make all the people in the world watch as they struggle to define a single world winner country.

Since 1930, we have been having a winner nation except for 1942 and 1946 when the world was deep into war.

The Cricket World Cup

Every four years, the International Cricket Council takes charge to organize the One Day International Cricket. Teams compete to make it to the final tournament from the qualification rounds. The final tournament has become one of the world’s most viewed sports functions.

England was the first to host the first cricket world cup tournament in 1975. However, interstate competitions had been held earlier with competitors being Australia, England, and South Africa, these competitions were tagged “triangular tournament”

Participation is open to all the ICC members with the top-ranking teams being awarded automatic qualification. There’s no defined system of choosing members, however, over the years, each of the fourteen ICC members has had a chance to hold at least one cricket championship sports function.

England holds the title currently after championing the 2019 cricket world cup. The next cup is expected to be held in 2023 with India as the host.

The UEFA Champions League

The UEFA champions league is an annual football competition is with abbreviation cheaply translated as the union of the European football association. This might seem to be a European affair, but given its latest spread throughout the world, the league has amassed a collection of supporters from across the world. 

Starting in 1955 a total of 79 teams participate in this. Real Madrid has been the most successful football club participating in the event

The Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM)

The AWMM brings the world to a stop with its six annual marathons, that is, New York City, Berlin, Chicago, London, Tokyo, Boston plus the Olympic Games Marathon which is part of the whole Olympic marathon and the IAAF World championship.

All the many marathons in the international calendar earn winners points which finally qualify them for the prime award of the AWMM.

24 Hours of Le Mans Sports Car Race

This is an endurance sports car racing that is the world’s pioneer active sports car race. The prestigious automobile race has been held each year since 1923. This race takes a different approach with the driver who goes for the longest distance within 24 hours taking the day.

The Open Championship

Ever questioned the pioneer golf tournament? Then the open championship is the oldest prestigious golf tournaments. The original host was Prestwick Golf Club before the game spread to be held at courses of coastal groups. The games are rotated among these groups each July of every year. 

Established on 17th October 1860, the championship tournament has grown in worth to a set price of $10.75 in 2020. The golf championship tournament is open to all people; both amateurs and professionals, hence the name “open championship”

This event has its latest champion being Shane Lowry who won with a whooping 269 score.

NBA Finals, United States

For basketball, the national basketball association presents a chance for a men’s basketball league. Starting on 6th June 1946, this league involves 30 teams, that is; 29 in from the united states and one from Canada. This is the team responsible for the renown NBA entertainment and NBA studios.

The grand national

Every year, best hose riders get to show their skills at the Aintree racecourse. Beginning on the 26th of February 1839, the 7-years old and above riders are presented with a total race distance of 4 miles which translates to 6.907 km. The race goes live on the free-to-air terrestrial television in the U.K.


Other than individual benefits of the body keeping fit, sports go to a whole new level when it comes to world level sports events. People get to interact across nations and finally come to harmony built by understanding. The above world sports have played a great role in recognizing and making sport talented people famous. The host countries also get to grow both their fame and economy among other many advantages. And by the way, did you know that some of the above sports were around before us, have been around and most probably shall be around in the distant future? Well, now you know!