The Momentum BIG5 competition will be scored on the athlete’s cumulative finish time from each event.

BIG5 Lite_Mud

The Momentum BIG5Lite will be scored on a points system relating to the athletes finishing position within each sub-event. The full scoring system is available here.


Please note that the water is 13-17ºC this time of year and could be as low as 9ºC so wetsuits are highly recommended for all Momentum BIG5 athletes as well as the Momentum BIG5Lite athletes doing the Momentum Knysna Lagoon Mile Swim.

Finishers Medal
Finishers Medals will only be awarded to athletes who have successfully completed all 5 events within their selected challenge.

Podium Prizes
To be in contention for any prizes, athletes need to have successfully completed all events within their challenge to that point.

Results & Disputes

Award Ceremonies

Prize Categories

Equipment List