Official Training Device Supplier of the BIG5 Sport Challenge, SUUNTO manufactures world renowned sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments for the toughest conditions. Their aim is to provide adventurers and sports enthusiasts with the best tools to explore and conquer new territory from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans – and anywhere in between.


Official Recovery Partner of the BIG5 Sport Challenge 2017 – EPT / Deap Heat / Compex

EPT, the ultimate recovery experience in conjunction with Deep Heat and Compex, are a multi-disciplinary team that is privileged to provide you with a hands-on sports massage service on behalf of the Knysna Oyster Festival. Their massage therapy is administered with up to date treatment techniques, and effective treatment products, executed by highly qualified therapists. We also offer a variety of massage therapy products that enables the client to do self-treatment to ensure overall health of the body. Our professional services include recovery massage therapy, myofascial release, ice baths, strapping, taping and stretching. We also provide general advice on optimal recovery during and after the event. EPT is now working with COMPEX SA to provide you with another tool to aid in your post event recover. COMPEX, is an electrical muscle stimulation device developed over the past 30 years and houses up to date patented technology, or MI, scans YOUR muscle physiology and automatically adjust the parameters within the program to YOUR body/muscle state. Compex recovery programs are based on scientific evidence and results in a 300% increase in blood flow and 25% decrease in lactic acid.


Official Supplier of the BIG5 Sport Challenge – Squirt

Squirt is a chain lubricant for cycling.  It lubricates better, stays on the chain longer and keeps the chain clean.

16977_Knysna RIB Adventures_Graphic On Black

Official Supplier of the BIG5 Sport Challenge – Knysna RIB Adventures

Hold on tight for a safe ride on the unique Knysna RIB* adventure power boat.

Remember to keep breathing and your eyes open to experience the full wonder of this beautiful unspoiled environment.

Apart from the pristine estuary, an adventure through the infamous Knysna Heads will be the ultimate boating experience. Once out to sea the world is our oyster, where one can experience a vast array of bird and marine life as well as breath-taking scenery, for example: Buffalo Bay, Noetzie Castles and the beautiful surroundings.


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