Sports have survived through this modern socially disengaged society whose deep technology taste has deprived the needed physical social interaction. Sports still remains that one thing that makes people go off their busy solo life and sit to interact together. With the current sporting events, we can comfortably say that sports cuts across communities to bring a common uniting factor.

What is Sport?

Sport are those activities which make people entertained, exercised and relaxed. Sports can be in the form of competition among teams, or just a practice to relax and entertain the body. Some examples of sport include dancing, running, yoga, football and the unending list to follow.

Other than relaxing entertaining and exercising, sports greatly contribute to having people across communities come together with one spirit and strengthens relationships in the ways we shall discuss below.

How do sports bring people across communities together?

Precisely, sports connect people in the following ways:

1. Sport lead to enhanced social integration

2. Sport creates a forum of cross-community conversation

3. Sport makes people embrace differently-abled members of society.

4. Sport makes members of the society pull together to support each other

5. Sport teaches people values

1. Sport lead to enhanced social integration

People need something common to make them positively interact with others, especially when we have some elements of division already in place. Sport functions such as the World Cup and the Olympics have seen people across communities come together, with a shared uniting factor (sport) which acts as a bridge to cross-community socialization.

When people from different communities and races meet together at a sporting function, they get closer to each other, talk and become close friends. It is a sport that gives these people a chance to know each other well and withdraw the existent myths each people possess against others.

2. Sport creates a forum of cross-community conversation

People often lack the Quora to converse. It might be because they are far apart, are busy or do not share the same life. Sport overrides this bringing people from all walks of life in a common field or cheering point.

Human beings are born social, in the event of coming closer together, conversations spike up. Even away from the sporting fields, you shall get fans of a certain sport activity conversing about its status. In the event, they not only talk about sports but also things that affect or divide them.

Out of the conversation of people from different walks of life, there crops up involvements that bring about positive change in society.

3. Sports make people embrace the differently able members of society.

With the advancement in sports, the differently able in society, such as the crippled have had a chance to show their ability. Events such as the paralympic world cup, make us vividly see ability beyond disability and connect with the differently able in society. You see, if an athlete with a disability can make or break a world cycling record, then this easily explains to people in the society that such people are part of the society destined for greatness, thereby making it easy to interact with all no matter the ability, disability, race or culture.

4. Sport makes members of the society pull together to support each other

Sport is one event in society that makes people willingly pull resources together to support each other. When your favorite team shall be playing, you shall have to meet with friends, head to the stadium and willingly buy a ticket to support the endeavors of the players and the sport in general.

When people play in the same team, or dance in the same party, they bond and get to know the constraints of others. Since they shall have interacted and become friends, it is now easier to bond with each other and that is the magic in sport!

5. Sports teach people values

Sports activities such as football have rules. All the people enthusiastically cheering their teams know and believe in the rule of law. You shall have people indirectly learning to respect laws and therefore avoiding a collision while promoting peace and cross-community togetherness.

Through the happy mood, sport makes a favorable ground for cross-community interaction.

You shall agree with me that it is easier for people to interact when they are in a jovial mood compared to when they are not at peace. Since the same event is making us smile, then we shall be open to talk and interact with each other no matter the color, faith, culture, nationality or ethnic group.

Now, let us look at some key sporting events that have greatly influenced cross-community interactions.

  • World of Dance

This is a dance competition brings together dancers from across communities together. Through dance sport, people from different races, backgrounds, and communities get to interact on the basis of dancing.

  • World Marathon Majors

This competition-style marathon running brings the world to a stop. All the people in the world develop a sudden harmony during this competition with all their energies directed toward the sport. In the cheering crowds, people across the globe sit together and get to know each other and interact.

  • Olympics

This is a summer and winter sports competition event which brings people from across the world together. Different games are played here with people interacting and getting to understand and know each other.


Based on the above evidence, you shall agree with me that sport is the root of cross-community interaction that would otherwise be impossible. People who support the same team become friends when they meet despite their backgrounds or the other many distinguishing factors. Since we are running in a world shot of social interaction and crowded with divisive ideas based on different factors and myths, the world should look unto sport. It is a sport that shall make us one happy world.