The Most Popular Sports in USA – Internship in The USA

A culture of sport

The United States is presented too much in an unflattering facet that highlights its obesity rate and the lack of activity of Americans. However, we must not forget that the United States is one of the greatest sportsmen on the planet and that sport is really embodied in its culture! What are the most popular disciplines in the country? This is what we will reveal to you about most popular sports in USA in this article!

Top most popular sports in US

#1. American football

It is the most popular sport in the USA and especially in southern states such as Texas, Florida and California. It ranks 9th in the most popular sports in the world. If the main matches are very followed on television, the Americans do not only watch from their sofa! Many practice the sport and travel in their thousands to watch live matches in the stadiums. For each competition, there are about 68,000 spectators!

#2. Baseball

The second most popular sport in the United States and 7th in the world, baseball is also considered the “national pastime” of Americans. Wherever you go in the USA, you will be able to see baseball fields accessible to everyone! Little practiced in France, you will have to initiate yourself before leaving for your internship in the United States!

#3. Basketball

The 10th most popular sport in the world is third in the hearts of American sportsmen. Each of us knows the National Basketball Association (NBA), it is the main basketball league in the world! All matches attract about 14,000 spectators.

#5. Ice hockey

As you might expect, the fourth most popular sport in the United States is especially popular in the northern regions of the country. The National Hockey League (NHL) welcomes the best players in the country. In 1980, during the Winter Olympics, no one expected the Americans to win against the Soviet Union to such an extent that it was commonly called the “Miracle on Ice”. With the advent of artificial ice rinks, hockey has become one of the most popular indoor sports in the world.

#6. Tennis

With superstars such as Serena Williams, Venus Williams or Andy Roddick to name but three, the United States quickly established itself in this discipline. As popular among men as among women, the country has had its share of victories!

#7. Golf

Whatever the worshippers of this discipline say, it must be admitted that golf is slightly less sporty than the others mentioned above. However, it is the seventh most popular sport in the country. Tiger Woods is the most popular figure in golf in the United States. It is also the 8th most practiced sport in the world.

And you what is your favorite sport among of most popular sports in USA?

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